Mark Miller from Grantsville Maryland USA, on his  “Mighty Mouse” running
 540 cu, engine
Jim Zantinge from Canada , pulling his Ford 8210
with the good old 401Cid(6.6L) and genesis head
Bosch pump, Schwitzer 5LE turbo, tractor
called L'il Mule
John Sowerby's Fordson Major from the UK.
2008 champion in the limited Prostock (<401Cid)
A 380Cid truck engine with Ppump and holset turbo.
Tractor is called Redline Frenzy
Lasse Haapala from Finland on his Fordson Major
He competes in farm class, weight 2500kg. 
Tractor is charged with Holset HX-40 and big cooler.Pump is Bosch with 12mm plunger.
Tyres ,Alliance 750's
Tractor is called "Blue Wind".
Koers brothers pulling farmstock class with their
TS110 , this tractor is based on a Ford 7000 with
a TS110 engine , running a Ppump big Holset
Tractor is performing very well and won many titles.
Karsten Kjeldsen from Denmark on his Ford Prostock.
running a 456 genesis engine and 5000 rear
axle , tractor called powerstar.
Timo Tuutti from Finland on his Sport class
Ford 8000.
The New "Blue Thunder" it is a combination of the old
Blue Thunder and Still under construction.
Running a TW20 rear axle with home made transmission
and a 540Cid Genesis engine with Snoopy style dryhead
running real strong in the 4.5T supersport class.
Holset HX60 turbo and 14mm Ppump.
Stars and Stripes team from Italy.
They are running a Ford 4000 rear and a Iveco
8061.25 engine (both New Holland now)
Will soon be fitted with the big 7.5L Ford engine.
Nice paintjob on the TSA bonnet!
Dave Phillips with his Ford 7610 fitted with a 7.5L
genesis engine with a Holset HX50 turbo.
tractor called Dragon Poker.
Tim Hammons on his 8210 from Kentucky USA.
fitted with 7.8L engine and 3X4 charger.
running the light Limited Super Stock class.
Andy Keyes from the USA with his natural
aspirated Ford pullers.
he is running the 5500pound class with his
Ford 7840 , 6600 , 7800
Team Bruns from Germany with the Blue Wendelin
Making some good progress with their Ford.
The are running the German Pro-stock class
Team Bruns with their sport class tractor based
on a Ford 8700.
DJ Mc Morris from NY state , using a Ford 5600
with the later Powerstar 304 Cid engine fitted with
the good old Simms inline pump and a 1.75" inlet turbo.
tractor called Underdog.
Their website is:
Rob La Tourette , from NY state on his
US rowcrop Ford 7000 , it is fitted with
a 304 powerstar engine.
Kees van Schaik on his Blue Angel.
This tractor started life as Ford 8000 
and some old Snoopy parts found it's way in
this tractor. 
Jan van der Veeken on his Moving Mountains.
8.0L Genesis engine with Sigma pump and
custom made intercooler.
3 forward 1 reverse home made transmission, 
Ford 5000 rear axle 24.5*32 Pullers with home
made rims.
Tractor is also competing in the Eurocup.
Another pulling Ford not pulling quite
well.(see sign 10M)
Sure a big heart and steel nerves.
Another "strange" pulling Ford.
Brad Jerew and his team built
this triple Ford modified with
3 pcs Ford SVO 526 Cu.I 
making 1500hp each.
One of the very little Ford's out there.
Tractor is called "Wild Times"

Their website:
Picture from Finland in Piikkiö.
Osmo Uusitalo with his Ford 8210
fitted with Scania Ppump.
Tractor called Twister.
Renaat Balliauw with his Hotstock
It started life as a  Ford TW20
but in winter 2004/5 it changed  into
a New Holland TVT 190.
Rear Axle and tranny are TW20 engine is a 678TA.
Tomas Blomqvist and his team
with a Swedish Ford Prostock
456 genesis engine built with some Snoopy parts.
engine is new for the 2007 season.
tractor called Carl Philip.
Fabrizio, Vincenzo and Nicola from
Italy , with their Ford 5000 with
8970 Genesis engine.
Picture taken at Marene pull in 2005
They are building their tractor to Pro
stock level step by step.
Tractor called Guigaro
Curt sent me the picture , but i do not
have info.
Curt Forrester on his latest purchase,
they bought this tractor in Canada and
are now changing it to their own ideas.
Tractor is called old-skool.
Yankee Blue , owned by Tom George
A Ford 5000 transmission and rear axle
fitted with the 7.8L brasilian engine
P pump.
Time Wasted (with a Ford??)
Wickie Power in its new outfit ,owned
and driven by Aadri v/d Veeken
Genesis engine 510Cu ,Holset HX80 turbo
Ppump , custom made transmission
in 8600 transmission housing
and 8600 rear axle.
It is a based on a 5000 ford chassis with Genesis engine built out of salvage parts and quite a few special parts
Owned by  Randy Raschein


This is the new Rough and Tumble , a
Ford 5000 rear axle with Select O Speed
gearboxhousing filled with Fuller gears and
the same Genesis 7.5L engine from last
Pulling Ford in Scale.
This TW20 is a replica of Rough and Tumble , running a 1.9TDI engine
3.5bar boost and approx 300hp.
tractor is called "Brothers Toy" 
Another intrepetation of a pulling Ford.
Seaside Affair with their new 4 blower
Derk Willems running his Ford 8970
using a 7.5L Genesis , 8600 rear axle
and transmission. Running the 5T hot
Farm class.
Picture from Finland ,Teemu Kangas
on his Ford 5095 , running sport class 
Rob Polson , Springfield Ne , Using
a 5000 transmission and rear axle
and the 7.8L ford engine
70 series sheet metal.

called Blue Can Fever

This is how the silver bullet looks when it is not burning.
(looks good!)
Martin van Echteld from holland burning in
Zwolle 2003.
A alky burner super stock , 7.5L
genesis engine ,2 charger setup , TW
rear axle/transmission

tractor called Silver Bullet
Arjan Vreeswijk and teammembers
a Ford pro-stock ,using a Genesis
7.5L ,Holset turbo , TW rearaxle
and gearbox, one of the top machines
in the pro stock class in 2003
For the new season a complete new
tractor is built using only the engine
from the 2003 tractor.
tractor called Rough an Tumble
Niels Darmgaard from Denmark
with the diesel superstock.
One of the latest diesels around.
Top machine called Blue Power.
Niels Darmgaard from Denmark
with the pro-stock.

Top machine called Blue Bambino.

Fords don't use oil they leak it
Jason Forrester on his Ford 9000
a neat looking machine running
pro-stock class.
machine called Papa Smurf
Curt Forrester on his alky burner
super stock

called Hard Charger
Do not have any data from this tractor
it is blue and burning.
Gerrit Esselink on his diesel Superstock.
the latest smoker in Holland.
A 3 charger setup on the good old
Tractor called Hurricane
if you have a pulling Ford and you want to be added , sent info and a picture to