Eindelijk klaar , bloed zweet en tranen.
We gaan naar Wierden.


Alle foto's van 18 Mei klik hier

Even een update voor de liefhebbers , 
we hebben alle tijd nodig om Wierden te halen , dus de website is niet echt bijgewerkt.
Foto gemaakt op 8 mei , spuitwerk bijna klaar, we zijn aan het opbouwen.
Dit is de koppeling , een 4 plaats centrifugaal
11" , gemaakt door Adrie v/d Veeken 
(Wickie Power) , hopelijk gaat het wegrijden
nog controleerbaar. 
Building still in progress ,frontweight carrier
finished , with a drop , steering system
is now hydrostatic , we are waiting on our
11" clutch , all should be ready for inspection
in Ahoy. 
Cooling system is electric and our intercooler
system is again connected.
Battery box is ready , to handle 2 pcs Optima.
That makes it possible to skip the alternator.
We still have faith that we will be ready before
May 20th.  
The hitch is finished and built to ETPC regulations.
Also the wheely bars are finished.
Rh side finished with footplates/pedals/fender.
The spacers give us much more room to work!
This is the final result with the spacer fitted.
As we have trouble with our footplates and pedals we decided to make a set of spacers , 
The tread is being made by Lesley Poetoehena , from
Whispering Giant. Thanks! 

This is how Lesley looks after 32*M18 holes!
It's on 4 wheels again , we are now preparing the
hitch&wheely bars.
We are really suprised by the size of the 24.5*32
they are real "mickey mouse" size.
As we were used to 38" wheels , the tractor looks much
We specially thank the "Seaside Affair team" for
their help in shipping the wheels.
As you can see a lot of grinding and welding took place.
A very solid construction we think.


This is Siems masterpiece , the tiebars.
A lot of handcrafting is put in it , but the footplates
fit on it and the pedals are working
picture taken on 21 Januari , tractor back on its front axle.
 This week we hope to recieve the rear wheels
then it is rolling again!
A lot of hours again , finishing the front axle bracket,
but again we like the result!


In Zwolle we scored a stainless steel fuel tank , this
tank already has some experience overseas as it use
to feed Allisons.

Our special thanks to the Bandit team , who was so
kind to sponsor us with it.
And Gerro Haan for the help in this matter.
ROP completely finished , Siem is making a testride.
As you see , power steering + real dutch wooden safety shoes.
Wooden shoes Rocks!!!!!!!!!(says Siem)
Picture of the RH side , we will keep the shell fenders
next is building the front axle.
Picture on the 7th of Januari , ROP has 3 stands
now , chassis building in progress
Sofar finished , our supplier for the bended tubes
made a mistake so not all tubes were delivered.
Another Left to right tube will be added.
The 1st tubes in its place.
The start of the Rop being built , all the loose tubes
have to be matched.
Here you see part of the diet , empty lift cover made
place for a steel plate to have the ROP beiing
welded on.
This is seamless pipe we got from HCC in Middenmeer
The extension plate is being cut in cooperation
with Martin van Echteld.
We got in contact with Rob Polson who wanted to sell
his rear wheels with tyres ,so we are now the proud
owner af a set of Midwest wheels and Firestone's
All traction 23 single cut 10ply.
So the rear wheels you see on this picture will
be fitted under the 8010.